The kickstarter for volume one of The Preppy Lion is live until August 1st. This is your chance to pre-order the book at a discounted price before publication. More information here.

About the Books

The Preppy Lion comes from author Don Hosek’s experience teaching LATEX classes for the TEX Users Group as well as his yeoman work answering questions for LATEX users dating back to the days of TEXhax, the usenet group comp.text.tex and running to the contemporary era on


There will be five volumes to The Preppy Lion:

  1. A guide to LATEX for authors
  2. LATEX document examples and recipes
  3. A guide to LATEX for class file writers and package programmers
  4. LATEX design examples and recipes
  5. The LATEX reference manual


The first volume is being finished now with a targeted completion of late summer 2021 and work has begun on the four subsequent volumes.

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