I just posted the table of contents of the book on the site, but I ended up spending a day fiddling with things to enable me to print the LATEX logo formatted in the fancy way. For the table of contents, this was pretty straightforward: Add some CSS to the site, and since the table of contents is generated automatically from the .toc file, it’s a simple matter to replace \LaTeX with LATEX (do your own view source to see the ugly details). But then I wanted to put this into the site’s tagline and also in the page title. I spent about a day digging into how WordPress works to find where I could add a PHP function to keep all the ugly HTML/CSS from being printed literally, but then when it came to the page title, I realized I had a new problem. The PHP solution felt fragile to me. So instead, I ended up adding a bit of JavaScript to find the string LaTeX in a page title and replace it with LATEX. A day spent on aesthetics instead of writing.

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